Student Loan Repayment Insights for Veterinarians

Are student loans casting a shadow on your dreams of having both a fulfilling veterinary career and a desirable lifestyle? Explore paths to financial equilibrium in this webinar.

6:00 PM – 7:00 PM – Wed, September 6

Our Webinar

Don’t let student debt hold you back from the lifestyle you deserve. Our webinar is your gateway to mastering the art of balancing repayments with your aspirations. Discover the secrets of income-driven repayment, explore debt forgiveness opportunities, and stay ahead of critical loan updates. Get the inside scoop on the latest student loan policies, including potential cancellations, and unravel the benefits of the new REPAYE program. This is your chance to pave the way to financial freedom.

Our Speaker

Dan Rooker has dedicated his practice – Rook Financial – to being an accountability partner for healthcare providers with student loans.

As a Consultant with Student Loan Planner, Dan helps borrowers navigate through the maze of the federal loan system and find a best fit strategy for their situation.

Dan Rooker

Certified Student Loan Professional®, Certified Financial Planner®

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